Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Concept Car - Nissan Urge

Concept Car: Nissan Urge
There is a new concept car from Nissan called Urge.

The Nissan Urge Concept car - should it become a production vehicle - comes equipped with a built-in Xbox 360. The steering wheel is shaped like gaming controller. In fact it is the controller when the game is on - with the game displayed on the dashboard.

“The concept behind the Nissan prototype car is to come up with an entry-level, sporty car that the younger buyers are going to get excited about because they’ve grown up in an era where video games are the norm,” said Richard Plavetich, a technical design manager with Nissan. “That’s been their driving experience to date.

This 2007 concept car has a separate dock that allows your MP3 player to be mounted, playing music through your car’s sound system. Song lists, too, are displayed on the dash. The phone and MP3 players are operated through buttons on the steering wheel of the prototype car.

You can find more about this new Nissan concept car at Concept car targets teen gamers or From steering wheel to joystick


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