Monday, January 30, 2006

Aston Martin Rapide new 2007 concept car

Aston Martin Car Concept The Rapide concept car is a new Aston Martin 2007 car model that features powered by the V12 engine from the DB9 but with more horsepower, more doors and well, more Aston.
This is a four-door sports coupe equiped "swan wing" doors that open upwards at a 12 degree angle, well away from the gutter to provide greater access.

The extruded aluminium construction of the VH architecture can be modified in both length and width, providing a myriad of packaging options, and the chemically-bonded structure (using glues derived from aircraft manufacture) is mated with bodywork that mixes aluminium and composite materials.

The aim of the new Rapide car concept, according to design director Marek Reichman, was to make the most beautiful four-door car in the world. "In silhouette, three-quarters views and from both the front and rear the Rapide is instantly recognisable as an Aston Martin," Reichman says. "We put character and feeling into the surface. Our designers and modellers work with a sculptural language here at Aston Martin — the play of the light in the surface is important to us."
You can read more about this 2007 concept car from Aston Martin from the Aston Martin Rapide launched at Detroit page


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