Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Renault - Dacia Logan Steppe concept car

Concept Car: Renault concept cars

Dacia has chosen the 2006 Geneva Motor Show to unveil its first-ever show car produced by Renault Design. The Dacia Logan Steppe concept car is developed on the theme of snow sports, it provides a vision of what a leisure vehicle on a Logan base might be.

The new 2006 concept car - Renault Logan Steppe show car demonstrates Dacia's intention to broaden the Logan range, which is also now available with Renault’s 1.5 litre diesel engine. The Steppe is a larger, MPV-type car than the original Logan.

The new Logan Steppe 2007 concept car (also known as Dacia Logan Break) features 17-inch wheels, “flat blade” windscreen wipers and diode Xenon headlamps. Standing at a height of 1.78m including its roof storage system, Logan Steppe concept features wellbalanced proportions. The side strips echo the front-end styling and offer protection along narrow lanes.


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