Wednesday, March 01, 2006

2007 Rolls-Royce 101EX Concept Car

Rolls-Royce prototype car, the 101EX concept, was unveiled at the Geneva show. It's a hand-built model intended to explore a design direction for a future coupé.
Concept Car: Rolls Royce 101EX
"It is a very modern car, a 21st-century design that respectfully nods to the past but focuses indisputably on the future," said Ian Cameron, Rolls-Royce's chief designer.
The 101EX Concept Car from Rolls Royce uses the same light aluminium construction as was developed for the Rolls-Royce Phantom although the body is shorter by 240mm. It's a four-seat coupe with twin coach doors add to the car’s rakish good looks and streamlined coupé profile

The interior of this new Rolls-Royce concept car has been designed for elegance and maximum comfort and features machined aluminium, fine leather and rosewood and red oak veneers. Slim bucket seats offer outstanding comfort for front passengers while the exceptionally spacious rear seat delivers intimate comfort for two.

Ian Robertson, Rolls-Royce chairman and chief executive and former boss of BMW in South Africa, said: "The 2007 concept car : 101EX uses the same engineering philosophy as the Phantom, which balances high technology with hand craftsmanship".

There are, as yet, no plans for a production version of the Rolls Royce 101EX.


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