Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The new EDAG Biwak concept car

Concept Car Edag Biwak
Global Auto Index reports the World premiere of the concept car EDAG Biwak

At this year's Motor Show in Geneva, EDAG Engineering + Design AG will be
exhibiting two exceptional vehicle concepts which will reinforce the company's
reputation as an innovative and creative partner to the international motor
vehicle industry. As a world premiere, the globally active company will be
presenting the "EDAG Biwak", a sensational derivative concept based on the New
Beetle.From styling through to testing various manufacturing scenarios, it took
the EDAG stylists and engineers just three months to complete implementation of
the concept car, and prepare it as a business case. With the hard top version of
the Pontiac Solstice, first presented at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2006,
EDAG - global engineering partner to the automotive industry - is exhibiting yet
another practicable concept.The "EDAG Biwak" - a Derivative Concept with the
Potential of a Volume Vehicle


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